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welcomeSome of us are blessed with beautiful teeth. Most of us, however, are less fortunate; we need a little help. Our smiles, whether full, restrained, or guarded, tell the story.

The truth is that we want to look nice and we want to look young. More importantly, we want to look attractive. Our smiles are the first thing people see when they meet us, and often the last thing they remember about us. The smile is the best part of the face and the easiest to change.

At the Appearance Center we care how your smile affects your overall appearance and presence. We do our very best to help you achieve the smile you want.


The creative process is fun


rudiOur portfolio page demonstrates several of the Appearance Center's dental improvements. Take a look!

Image Makeover

makeover1Doctor Couchman's Appearance Center Smile and Image Studio recently conducted an exciting Image Makeover for a very deserving young woman. To view images of the transformation, click here on Complete Makeover.

Artistic Smiles

A first impression occurs within 3 seconds of meeting someone. We all do it – its how our brains work. Making a strong, accurate, first impression can mean the difference in getting a job interview or promotion, making his or her heart skip a beat, or just giving you the confidence in knowing that you look your best. Read more

Dental Implants

There are many misperceptions about dental implants. What with the barrage of advertising, media coverage, infomercials, and seminars, one could easily think that dental implants are the solution to all dental situations, and that dental implants can address one's frustrations with previous dental care. Read more

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